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Fine Art Print Information and Pricing

Prints are available from most of the photos in my galleries, as well as many photos not shown online.

The prints are professionally printed on Fuji or Kodak archive quality photographic paper.

Each print is personally reviewed by me for quality, and can optionally be signed.

Prints are shipped unmounted for greatest mounting and display flexibility.

Print sizes available will vary by photo.

Below are my base direct prices, and most prints will be at these prices unless they are limited editions.
Actual print prices will be quoted individually, based on the specific photos selected and sizes available.

Standard Print Sizes Base Prices
8 x 10 35
8 x 12 45
9 x 12 50
11 x 14 70
12 x 18 100
16 x 20 150
16 x 24 175
18 x 24 200
20 x 30 250
24 x 36350

Custom sized prints are available, please ask for a quote.

All prices are in U.S. dollars. Shipping and any taxes are additional.

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